Pay Attention to Boring Politics.

This was written by my brother…reposted by me because he speaks a lot of truth…enjoy!

Government…. Yuck. What a nasty word these days.

Does anyone even care? You should.

Most people are under the impression that if something’s not physically impacting them RIGHT NOW, in THIS moment, then it does not matter to them what new laws are formed. Do you know why that is a problem? Because you have future generations to think about. Your kids, grand-kids, nephews, nieces, the future of humanity! Do they not matter to you? Maybe you just don’t WANT to know? You’re scared of the truth? You’re scared of being different than what the mainstream media reveals to you as “normal.” Who wants to be an extremist conspiracy theorist?
Uh… How about Patriots? True Patriots. Its pretty safe to say now, that anyone the mainstream media portrays as an extremist or conspiracy theorist is a constitution loving patriot at their finest. Think about it, the scare of 2012 is over. There are very few crazy people out there still claiming that the End of the World is here and blah blah blah. Its over, done with. Time to move on, right? Wrong. The media wants you to view everyone as a “crazy conspiracy theorist.” Why? Because they do not want YOU to know the truth. They think you are stupid. How do you like that? They think they can brainwash us all just by dominating whats released to the public. They KNOW that you are lazy and wont do your own research. They also know that you will take their word for it because they are still shoving “the land of the free” down your throats every chance they get. Its time to move on folks, really. Its time to face reality and grow up. We need to be men now and do whats right. Admit it, our founding fathers would be severely disappointed in what we have allowed the government to do. That’s correct, we ALLOWED it. Are we ready to fix it?

Lets start with the gun debate. I’ll make this short and simple.. because it truly is “simple.” People who knowingly break laws and are involved in crimes that DO have victims, do NOT care about what current laws are in place. That is a fact. Why would a murderous rapist predator care about a gun law? What is “law” to them? They obviously have no morals. Point being, even if gun laws were in place, criminals would still keep their guns or buy them off the black market and terrorize the law abiding citizens who no longer have guns. Its honestly that simple.
You can’t even begin to argue that if gun laws were in place the criminals would not be able to get them. It has never worked for anything. Not alcohol prohibition, not the war on drugs, nothing. They cant even keep drugs and weapons out of the world’s most secured prisons. Its impossible. There is always a way around it. The answer to all this chaos is Freedom.
Statistics show… More guns in society equals less crime. Less guns equals more crime. Why? Because when law abiding citizens have guns, criminals are a lot less inclined to mess with them. Nobody sane wants to be shot. If they’re insane, well, they’ll probably get shot. Seriously though guys, the majority of mass shootings are done within gun restricted zones. Look it up, don’t take my word for it.

I’m getting a little tired of hearing about “racist” this and “racist” that. Come on, very few people are truly that racist in the real world. Maybe in prison, I wouldn’t know. But American people, racist? Really? Sure, I hear cracker, nigger, spic, redneck, etc. all day long. But so what? You can bet money that any white guy calling a black guy a “nigger” probably has a few black friends of his own. Just the same, black people that call white guys a “cracker” usually have a white friend or two. Those are just words. We are not out there killing each other due to race like they did back in the old days. Right? Right.
So what is this “Racism” that the mainstream media keeps going on and on about? Well, have you guys ever heard of the phrase, “Divide and Conquer?” That is essentially what they are doing to the American people. They want to pair us all off against each other and let us fight. You think I am lying? Lets pause for a second, take a moment, and ponder… How could you win a fight when you are outnumbered 100 to 1? Hm… yes, Divide and conquer is right. What do they want from us? They want our FREEDOM. They kill two birds with one stone this way. They kill the first one by dividing the people and making their numbers smaller so they can’t stand together to do whats right. They kill the second one by making us fight more which allows them to add new laws and regulations for “the people’s safety” all while taking away your basic liberties and God given rights.

Lets talk a brief moment about Snowden. Yes, he’s nearly already forgotten about, but what did he do? According to mainstream, he gave up valuable information to terrorists. Whaaat? Wait… I thought he gave up valuable information to THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Are we terrorists now? I guess that depends on who you ask and if you go by the governments “characteristics of a terrorist” list. Did you know you’re a possible terrorist if you believe in the constitution? If you keep more than seven days worth of food and water supplies? If you own multiple weapons? If you believe in conspiracies? (Conspiracy Definition – a secret plan or agreement to carry out an illegal or harmful act, especially with political motivation; plot) Weird… Feel free to look up the rest of the characteristics on your own. I’m just pointing out how ridiculous it’s all becoming. Snowden is not a threat to national security. National Security is a threat to us.
Okay, lets be real. Now that Snowden was forced to leave the country and stay with our known enemies, what would you have done? Would you have been a coward and not said anything? Would you have told us and faced possible execution? Snowden did what he had to do. If he is giving up governmental secrets now, I can’t say. Maybe he is, in order to stay alive? Who knows. The bottom line is he was forced to leave the country because he knew what would be in store for him if he stayed. Probably execution. I doubt you would have stayed either. Truth be told, you probably would have never came out and told the people. It took a lot of courage for him to do what he did. He did it to try and protect the American people. Wake up! Snowden is not your enemy.

Enough said for now.