It’s a gift. And a curse.

There’s one particular skill I’ve got that I hate. When it comes to web development and computer programming, I’m glad I have it. But in my personal life, I wish I didn’t. It’s my ability to do quick calculations in my head. Not math calculations (anybody who knows me well, knows that while I’m very good at math, I can’t do even the simplest arithmetic in my head to save my life). Scenario calculations. Cause and effect if you will.

If you give me a scenario…within seconds I can give you the likely outcome of said scenario. Not only can I give you the likely outcome, I can explain the step-by-step route that was taken to get to that outcome. I won’t say I’m always right or that I can determine the most efficient path to get to that outcome, but I can say that I am usually pretty close.

Any situation that gets laid out in front of me, I calculate out. Everything from causes and effects to likely outcomes…and if I have knowledge on the statistics, I’ll even run those stats through my head. So when people bring something up with me and I end up arguing with them on it, it’s not because I am opinionated and just don’t like the topic at hand, it’s actually because I just played the scenario back through my head and there is simply no good outcome. The problem is, nobody ever wants to listen to my reasoning which just makes me look like the bad guy.

I’ve had a lot of those situations popping up recently…and a lot of them that are stuck in my head. And it sucks because I know the outcome yet nobody is going to care, let alone believe me. I’d detail some of them, but they’re too personal.

On the plus side…back in my days of coding, it sure was nice being able to step my way through everything and track down an error embedded within thousands of lines of coding.

Definitely a gift. And a curse.