The Perfect Crime?

Got into a discussion over the weekend…it stemmed from a discussion in the past about committing the perfect crime…thought I’d describe it a bit…

Basically I’d mentioned that it’d be the perfect way to leave the grid with a stolen vehicle. You search a small town, country homes, etc and find a car that has had the keys left in it. It’d take some hunting, but if you hit the right area, it probably wouldn’t take long. Then before the owner woke up and realized their car is gone, you’d make their license plates disappear. After all, why drive around a vehicle that basically says, “I’M STOLEN?”

So you’d go to a car lot in a nearby city…find a vehicle that doesn’t look used too often with a dealer tag on it. Dealer tags are not vehicle-specific so the cops would have no idea if your red Pontiac is the same red Pontiac listed as stolen earlier in the week. Just need to make sure you steal a dealer tag from a dealer who isn’t going to notice their tag is missing and report it stolen. That would defeat the purpose of swapping tags.

Voila! Stolen car to disappear in, hard to trace back as stolen unless you do something to get pulled over and they start tracing the tag back to the dealer, etc…

Funny thing is…folks thought I was dreaming up the perfect crime with this whole idea.

Truth is, it was my idea for the perfect suicide.

I left out the details of convincing folks I was moving away to start over prior to pitching all identifying materials, stealing a car, driving until it’s empty, repeating until I’d reached my intended destination and killing myself in a location where I’d end up a John Doe. And since I’d already told everyone goodbye prior to “moving”…I wouldn’t likely end up a Missing Person for my body to ever be matched up against. A near perfect method of disappearing.

Yeah, I’m fucked up.

Welcome to my head.

I may post an actual update in the near future…once I find the time…